Hey, thanks for dropping in. My name’s Josje, I’m a visual artist, film-maker, sailor and storyteller. I’ve been travelling the World since 2011, which is when I embarked on my first ever sailing trip, and have been sharing parts of my life online since then. It’s now been 8 years, 30 countries and 40,000 nautical miles.

I make a living through my passion for the Arts. Although I dabble in some painting and photography, my main medium is Film, posting my Videos to YouTube which document my journey and the people I meet along the way.  You’ll often see me with camera in hand and a notebook at my side.

Cultivating my social media presence has given me the gift of connection and shown me the power in which we can positively impact others lives through sharing our own; this is what drives me. I’m interested in how we’re engaging with ourselves, each other and the environment, and I’m working towards showcasing more sustainable ways to live, create and connect.