Hello and welcome, my name is Josje and I was born in the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand)  I'm a travelling visual artist, creative, storyteller and sailor.  The Sea is my second home, having sailed over 40,000 nautical miles over multiple Oceans... I create Art and Videos along my journey, always working intentionally to cultivate a consciousness of creativity and connection.  

My art is often inspired from the Ocean and my travels, and I am constantly trying to interpret and express my fascination and love for the world that we inhabit.  My videos document my life as an evolving artist, showcasing my inner thoughts, feelings & perspectives and sometimes just my day to day life.  I'm always on the move, as I work intuitively within my ever changing environment to approach my work naturally and organically. 

Cultivating my online social media presence has given me the gift of connection and shown me the power in which we can positively impact others lives through sharing our own.  

I have created a lifestyle for myself outside of the structures and barriers society has imposed upon us, and I would like to showcase that it is possible to self-narrate our own lives and restore balance within ourselves and from where all life springs; Papatūānuku – our mother earth.