My week on Sailing La Vagabonde


I remember when I first stumbled across Elayna and Riley.  We were sitting in the comfort of the couch at our friend Rik and Jo’s house in the Coco’s Islands in the Indian Ocean.  With Delos safely anchored in the lagoon, the whole crew was enjoying the use of a big house, hot showers and fast Internet.  I was doing something on our YouTube channel when I stumbled across a video of this young Australian couple who were sailing around and making videos too!  Hey, look guys; we got friends doing a similar thing!  This was a little over two years ago and back before YouTube was bombarded with an abundance of sailing channels, so I was stoked someone had a similar vision!  I remember making tacos for dinner that night; plate in hand, the seven of us sprawled over the couches when I put on those first few episodes of Sailing Lavagabonde.

Fast-forward two and a half years, and somehow the wondrous web of life connected us without us even planning it.  I came to Malta for a few months to work, paint and collaborate on some projects with the wonderful Frida.  A few days after I arrived, I saw a post on Instagram that Elayna was here and the boat was soon to arrive with Riley a few days later.   What were the chances we would both be on this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean at the same time?  So of course, we got in touch and met up for an evening of food (and wine) by the sea while we shared stories of our adventures.  We had lots of questions for each other and I guess an understanding that only comes from spending time on the ocean and the parts of filming/sharing our lives.  It was special and we clicked straight away. 



The next day they invited me to come sail with them on their passage to Tunisia leaving in a week’s time.  An adventure? I’m in.  So a week later, I packed a little bag and jumped on board. We left early the next morning and began our sail some 180 miles West towards Tunisia in northern Africa.

The wind, the waves, the warmth, the people, it was SO refreshing to be out at sea again.  The experience of doing a passage on a Catamaran was actually amazing!  Their new boat is simply incredible, she flies!  And there’s so much room!  Elayna was working on her laptop, editing a video, coffee cup stable on the table, Riley was out in the cockpit while I was enjoying the incredible view of everything from the saloon, all while we were sailing along at 9 knots.  It was honestly so comfortable and enjoyable to sail.  I found everything was so well thought out too, sail changes were a breeze and the boat was incredibly responsive and lovely to drive.  I stood out there hand steering for a few hours that afternoon, soaking in the sun and feeling the gentle rise and fall of the boat as she glided through the water. The wind was fresh and there’s nothing more humbling or freeing than experiencing that feeling when you’re driving the boat.  I can’t really describe it, its just pure bliss.

We made it to Tunisia the next day in time for a cold one as the sun set.   We were in Africa!  We spent the next week exploring Tunisia, filming and editing, and sharing a million laughs.  We explored the cobblestone backstreets, full of local art, beautiful old doors and yummy textured walls (I have a thing for them).   I will remember many mornings of turmeric latte's, days of working / editing and evenings of good company, real conversations and a wine glass never too far away.  We had an interesting camel ride and a beautiful but long day of exploring the ancient sites around the area.  Tunisia was beautiful! 

Elayna and Riley are among some of the most generous, kind, kindred spirits I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with and I’m so glad we got to know each other.  Thanks for inviting me on board guys!! Until next time.