Character - By Frida


Old pirate soul, barefoot gypsy spirit, open sea thinker, master of detail, one love believer, map collector, blue-eyed adventurer, badass sailor meets nature elegance. What I admire most is the unstoppable ‘free spirited spontaneity’ attitude that reveals itself in everything she does.

Core of her tree:
Serious list maker & anything organizer – even her pillows knows their place
Balance craver
Big mug tea drinker & yoga lover
Crafty mind & hands

Keep it real

  Thats Josje, Ey:
Josje Aka Josjerama
Her spiral mind – constantly seeks within while ever expanding – exhales through the words she writes; she’s got a good 20 notepads & a Mac book pro. She’s the only person I know who’s got ‘write a list’ on her to do list.
Soon crazy jeep owner, barefoot driver
She hates cold weather but loves jumpers, scarves & inside cozy timers. I think it’s the idea of winter she loves, not the actual weather;)
Enters a room and without thinking adjusts the lighting to suit mood and mindfulness
Always longing for festival weekends & handmade markets
Sailing adventures & stories to last a life time
She’s got a lucky toe – it takes her places

Coils her ribbon & strings as if it were lines on a boat
Wild & spontaneous, always up for beer afternooner’s
Makes endless plans far into the future – this is her core strength in developing her business

Journal; right now
Crossing the Indian Ocean
Inner creative self-exploring
Ramatree worldwide planning
= Future book experimenting

Sharing her handmade creations & writing with the world as she unfolds her inner tree

True memories with Josje so far:
Hands on heart we collected every seashell from Malaysia to Madagascar
Never has India seen two more ecstatic saree fabric shoppers
She taught me every sailing knot that I know
We sing a lot of made up songs – audience so far has been sea birds
Josjes first creation was a wall hanging organiser – I told Josje to start sewing more – next day we bought 9 bags of fabric

The beginning…
Workshop space, petite but vibrant
Official website launch
New festival pants, she will sew them herself
Day & night creator of treasures she collected crossing the Indian Ocean
Ramatree hits the market stands &
Guest in The Fallondrin’s podcast

….& later
Poems & writing becomes a first book
More music in her life
Another website launch as she discovered the first one needed a million changes plus this one will have an online shop
Collection look book
A ramatree studio & loft full of old boat treasures
New partners & collaborators
All this…a thousand lists later

Thank you for the wonderful words… Written by the beautiful Frida from Fallondrin – Check out her page, she’s a pretty rad artist!