Searching for Balance


Take it day by day – For me its finding a path where I plan in the middle ground between my dreams and reality, however, finding groove in allowing the day to unfold itself to me. In this space, and only in this space, this frequency, I learn how to slow down and tune in to the light.

I’ve been struggling with finding the balance in my life. Its like everyone is in the stand of their life, with all their boxes of things lined up in front of them.All their hobbies, all their relationships, all their struggles, all their choices and options. Past, present and future. Finding that balance between what boxes to open, when, where and how, and for how long is the balance I have been searching for.

I created this name to encompass the Universe that holds my boxes. Guide me, help me, nurture me, water me, give me sunshine and rain and all the elements of you, to aid me on my quest of growth.

I know you are here for me. I know you want to help, unwilling to offer before I ask. Before I seek, before I even know you exist. I am seeking the balance, however juxtaposed that may be. For without the darkness there is no light. Just as there are no branches without roots. But who is the keeper of the balance? For without me, there is no you.

We are one, different and the same, finding the balance with each other. We do not need to alter it, force it or get in the way, it is happening in perfect synchronicity. Harmonise with the element of Karma, because it lives and breathes the very essence of balance. We must let go, flow down the river and let it happen to us. So look up, plan and strive for new horizons but take the day as it comes to you, because the Universe has been, is now and forever will be, balanced.

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