The Waves of the Ocean

Somebody once told me “Be weary of the things that do not change”… Life is a constant ever changing and ever expanding experience. I know people are always talking about living in the moment, living in the now, because the past and the future do not exist. In ways, I understand this and it makes sense in a ‘time frame’ kind of way. But also, in many ways, I feel like it is all connected.I AM the past, I am made up from the experiences I have had. And the decisions I make for ‘the NOW’ are based on the future, because now is the future. We are always an element of all three. And it is always changing, evolving, growing, moving…

My life is taking a huge change right now. It is absolutely and whole-heartedly the transition between one chapter and the next. Through all the waves and layers of emotion, I am embracing the change. Having lived on the ocean for 4 years and sailed over 30,000 nautical miles, I am moving back to land to the beautiful New Zealand. This decision has come from my heart and the very depths of my soul. It has been an extremely difficult decision to come to, and through all the sadness of having to let go of Delos and my sailing Family, I ultimately know this change is what is meant to be.

Ramatree is the beginning of this next chapter. It is a brand, my tree of life, my writing space, my creative outlet, connecting with friends and family and the things I have longed for in my previous chapter. This new ocean will bring different waves and ways of being.

It is an extremely scary, frightening and liberating feeling. I think in life, we are more afraid of our what we are capable of than of failing.

So I am this change, it is only natural and the way of the Universe – like the waves of the ocean

I am now bound to no one – but myself