Our last evening in Wanaka passed like any other, although the closet was empty, our bags were packed and our room felt very empty and sterile. And in the morning, it was that strange feeling of walking out of a room you’d spent so much time in, knowing it would continue to be, but without your energy, giving thanks for what it has given you and knowing your time there had come to an end. And it was time. I was ready.

We were off on an adventure. Once again, I rid myself of most of my material possessions and attachments, and by this I mostly mean my bags of driftwood and seashells, and a few winter coats. And after a sort of prolonged period of last minute things and saying goodbye to family and friends, I was so ready to just arrive in Sri Lanka already. I could almost feel the humidity. I could almost feel the weight of western culture drop from my unwanted shoulders. I was almost there, where I could find my sense of freedom and my source of inspiration. I almost forgot we had a week in Sydney in between. Back to the present moment to enjoy a new experience of what was right in front of us for a while… Here’s a little bit of Sydney.

We stayed mostly around the Bondi Beach area, a place for surfers, sunbathers and sort of city dwellers. Although pretty removed from the city, it is still quite commercial and not exactly the small, chill, beach vibes I had envisioned. Beautiful nonetheless, streets nestled behind the main road, house cosy dwellings, many overgrown with plants and trees. Coffee shops, fashion shops and an organic fruit store around the corner, it has a nice vibe to the place with many cruising around on foot; the atmosphere is busy and bustling.

There's a beautiful and popular coastal walk starting from Bondi and heading south, hitting beach after beach, meandering in the Sydney sunshine. Getting around by bus and train is easy once you slot into the fast rhythmic pace of public transport. A trip into the city to see the Opera house and Harbour bridge is a classic and a must, and the quaint ferry ride over to Manly harbour is also quite beautiful.