What have I been up to this past year?!

Hi de hi, sorry I’ve been a bit MIA for a while. But in all truthfulness, I needed some time off, away from sharing and posting, to give myself what I needed. It’s been a bit of a crazy year and a half, and I feel like this chapter of being at home and being in this space is coming to an end. The end of something is also the beginning of another. So in that light, I thought I’d give a you a brief run down of the past 18 months or so. Beginning with arriving back home from the boat, up until now. Here goes…

·      I moved back home to Christchurch in August 2015. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, as I was pretty broken after my decision to leave Delos, but it was time to be reborn. I was a fragile little seedling and went through a huge period of trial and error with Ramatree and my creations

·      I was doing a lot externally, responding and creating for others – I sort of forgot to respond to myself. I pretty much said yes to everything – not fully comprehending the pressure and work load I was putting on myself

·      I started selling my jewellery at local markets and creating commission pieces which I really enjoyed

·      I lived at home for the first time in 4 years

·      I bought Aria, my van which I sort of lived/travelled in

·      At the end of the year, for a bit of continuity and some extra cash, I got a part time retail job

·      Got a little tattoo

·      Realised a lot about myself and how my past has defined and affected me, and was learning how to deal with this on an emotional level 

·      I read a lot of new books and also partied a lot

·      I got pretty sick a few times (too much partying)

·      Saw lots of New Zealand I hadn’t seen before, did some rad road trips around the country  

·      Fell in love

·      Played in the snow and wore winter clothes for the first time in ages

·      Appreciate waking up in the morning and being able to make toast and coffee in a house that’s not moving

·      Appreciate walking to the store and buying salt and vinegar chips whenever I want

·      Although missed the adventurous times of travelling by sailboat

·      Quit my retail job to work on Ramatree full time

·      Moved to the little mountain town of Wanaka for a bit of change, only to find I got pretty restless. I enjoyed the small town vibes, but longed for something more

·      I collaborated on a really cool project where I created a seasonal range of wine labels for a friend of mine who has a beautiful restaurant in Christchurch. It was for his ‘Living wines’ range.

·      Spent countless hours making a website, which I then didn’t like so I started all over again. Now I’m pretty happy with it

·      Met up with lots of Delos followers who happened to be in New Zealand. We drank lots of beer.

·      I was working for myself, I had obtained creative freedom but by doing lots of commissions I didn’t feel creatively free

·      Physically, I cut my hair, my bottom teeth moved a bit and I lost all of my tan

·      I had an idea, set deadlines for myself and achieved them, even though I got stressed and cried sometimes

·      Designed a couple of commission tattoos

·      Got stressed about stuff and learnt the importance of preparation and promises

·      Created and made a book! A little memoir that reflected the past five years, to create something from that and have it sprinkle out into the world was an amazing feeling. Makes me open and ready for the next adventure, without carrying any weight about the past

·      Hindsight is a beautiful thing, I learnt to forgive and knew I was on the right path

·      I had a lot of fun and also got sad sometimes. Life

·      I moved to the sea and stayed there for a little while to finish my books

·      Mastered the art of making blueberry pancakes

·      I listened to lots more music and also made a conscious decision to become more informed about current events. I got into Ted talks

·      Sold my van then bought a few cameras and a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka. Yes yes yes.

Soon to be on the road again, I know inspiration is at my doorstep, so there’ll be lots more frequent writing and videos to come. Thanks for all the continued support always! Love Jos x