'Porthole' Original

'Porthole' Original


Porthole Original Painting 

I started this painting in Sri Lanka, before carrying it halfway around the world with me to Malta, where I finished it.  The beginnings emerged as I hung the recycled material over our washing line between two palm trees, by our house in Sri Lanka, and I started painting.  Originally I painted a boat in the middle before I changed it into a tree, much more fitting.  It reflects my journey from the Sea and my growth through Ramatree.  Its my little magic tree. For anyone who resonates with a connection to the Ocean, and more so, a magical growth from it. 

Enamel and acrylic paint on recycled canvas/linen
Approx. 1 meter x 70 cm
Signed with love
Josje x

*Colours may vary slightly than those seen in pictures

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