Koha is a concept from the land where I was born; Aotearoa (New Zealand). 

In Tikanga Māori, Koha means a gift or contribution.  Embedded within this gift is the idea of reciprocity.  If you feel resonance with my work, with gratitude I offer these platforms to support my evolving creativity. 

I work intentionally to cultivate a consciousness of expression, connection and self-determination.  Together let us create a world where we are able to self-narrate our lives and restore balance from where all life springs; Papatūānuku – our mother earth.

Aroha mai, aroha atu (Love received, love returned.)


QUOTE on how much support means to you
— Josje lenten


For as little as $1 , you get early access to my videos, and special rewards in return for your support.  Patreon is a community based platform, specifically designed for artists & content creators, in which we can connect, create and inspire.  
Basically, if you enjoy and resonate with my art and videos,
its a practical and appreciated way to give a little back.


Or if you'd like to skip the formalities, you can simply contribute directly to the Artist Fund.  This helps me buy new art materials, keep on top of my camera gear and put roof over my head. 

Buy me a beer or some lunch and I'll probably send you a picture of me enjoying it.  Everybody loves food.  And beer.  Thank you!